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Our Story    

    The Broke & Broken Podcast was born out of Summer’s social justice and social work experience. With each issue she worked on, whether it be domestic violence, sexual assault, etc., the same issue kept resurfacing—survivors are experiencing hurdles in healing and prevention measures are failing because of the widespread silencing effect of stigma and shame.

    So, beginning in July 2018, a space was created as a way to provide a platform for individuals to speak openly about topics that we’ve been conditioned to feel shame about. Until October 2019, the show shattered the shame and stigma that is killing us all…and did it all with a healthy dose of perspective & humor from hosts, Felina & Summer.

In the summer of 2021, Karie approached Summer to tell her that her life changed as a result of being a guest on the show. Her appearances on Broke & Broken began a journey of exploration to learn more about herself and find her voice in this world. Nervous, so rambling a bit, Karie offhanded commented that she wished that the show was still in production so that it could focus on continuing to evolve and encouraging people to find healthy ways to heal and cope, particularly given the added stressors of an ongoing pandemic. Moved by Karie's words, Summer agreed to create a sequel project, focused on growth, but only if Karie agreed to co-host. And so The Hopoksia Podcast was born.


Some of the topics we discuss:

  • Mental health

  • Online dating

  • Racism

  • Addiction

  • Sex & sex work

  • Adoption & fostering

  • Religion

  • Sexual Assault

  • Politics

  • Social justice

  • Gender & sexuality

  • Trauma recovery


Hopoksia is the Choctaw word for wisdom or knowledge; which is something that Summer & Karie believe should be continually pursued. As this wise words are often described as "sage" in the English vernacular, a photo of sage was chosen for the show's symbol; because the hosts are suckers for a good pun. So, come laugh with us, as we laugh at ourselves.



You can listen on ITunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, & Youtube.

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