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Summer Wesley is an outspoken community advocate, driven entrepreneur, and thoughtful artist who lives by the maxim "do no harm, but take no shit". She hustles hard, is fiercely protective, loves fully, and seeks to help others value their authentic selves.

      Summer is the mom of many who has done modeling & acting work for print, film, & stage, in addition to creating in various art mediums. As creator & co-host of the Broke & Broken Podcast, she sought to help people live their best life by combating stigma & shame. After taking a two year break from podcasting, she launched a sequel project with Karie called The Hopoksia Podcast, to continue in the goals of helping people heal and thrive. Her future goals include the destruction of the patriarchy & the obliteration of settler-colonial violence, in all its forms.


     A registered Choctaw artist, Summer's visual & textile art is marketed through Aiukli Art, a collective of Native artists who seek to make the world a more beautiful place. "Aiukli" is a Choctaw word meaning "beautiful", and their incredible creations can be found at

     Her humorous account of her adventure with some lost, very personal art can be found HERE.

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